There are good opportunities for fishing here at Aglen, the most common fish species are cod, pollock, redfish and haddock. But there are also salmon, trout, halibut, mackerel, herring, etc. You can rent boats here at Aglen Camping or you can also fish from the land.


For those who like to walk in the woods and the mountains, there are plenty opportunities at Otterøya and Aglen. You'll find several mountain peaks with a good view out over the sea, many mountain lakes with excellent fishing. It is a paradise for those who love the mountains and nature.

The wildlife at Otterøya

The animal life here at the coast are enormously rich. Sea eagles can be seen when they scout for fish and other prey, which are an amazing sight. Otterøya has Scandinavia's northern deer strain. The deer's are often to see when they graze the fields. There are also opportunities to see moose and deers.